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Chinese New Year 2013 Notice

Dear Customers,

Chinese Lunar New Year (10th, Feb, 2013) is just around the corner. It is the most valuable and important day in Chinese traditional holidays. It is also time for family get-together and having fun.
EnjoySilk Customer Service Department (Email, Live Chat, phone services and any other online live services), will be temporarily suspending for holiday from 6th, Feb. 2013(GMT+8) to 13th, Feb. 2013(GMT+8). We apologize here for the inconvenience caused.
Our Warehouse staff will be on vacation from 2th, Feb. 2013(GMT+8) to 18th, Feb. 2013(GMT+8) and back to work on 19 th, Feb, 2013. Orders placed during our holiday will be handled as soon as possible. On 19 th, Feb. 2013, all EnjoySilk staffs will return work and all services will be fully resumed.

Since the fulfillment center will be unable to cover the orders placed during our holiday, some products may be unavailable during that time and delivery may suffer from a little bit delay. Please kindly be sure to order any urgent items before our holiday.

Here comes good news, EnjoySilk would like to offer you rich and colorful promotions for 2013 Chinese Spring Festival. please kindly pay attention!
Thank you for your understanding!
Happy New Year!
Yours Sincerely,
EnjoySilk Support Team

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