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19mm Seamless 100% Silk Jacquard Duvet Cover, Pillowcase & Flat Sheet 4 PCS

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Style Bedding, Sheet
SKU T004
Material 100% Cocoon Silk
Fabric 19 momme Silk Fabric
Origin China

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    Silk Duvet Cover, Pillowcase & Flat Sheet 4 PCS
    Silk Duvet Cover
    Silk Bedding
    Silk  Pillowcase
    Silk Flat Sheet

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0% Natural Cocoon Silk
All of our silk pajamas, silk bedding are made from 100% natural cocoon silk. Silk is a natural protein fiber. Besides its luxurious softness and lustrous beauty, there are various other benefits of silk that other fabrics, whether natural or man-made, simply cannot match. Silk contains many amino acids in common with the human body; these acids help aid in absorption and aid in skin healing. It's naturally hypoallergenic. Some of silk's hypoallergenic properties include a natural resistance to dust mites, fungus and mold, in addition to many other allergens.

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19mm Seamless 100% Silk Jacquard Duvet Cover+Flat Sheet+Pillowcase

Set Includes: 

  • 1 Duvet Cover
  • 1 Flat Sheet -  Solid 19 momme 100% mulberry silk charmeuse
  • 2 Pillowcases - You can cheange the size of Pillowcase without extra cost. Please leave a comment when you checkout.
SIZE 4PCS = 1 Duvet Cover + 1 Flat Sheet + 2 Pillowcase ( INCLUDES & DIMENSIONS )
TWIN duvet cover 67" x 87" ( 170cm x 220cm )
flat sheet 66" x 96" ( 168cm x 243cm )
pillowcase 20" x 26" ( 50cm x 66cm )
TWIN XL duvet cover 68" x 90" ( 173cm x 229cm )
flat sheet 66" x 100" ( 168cm x 254cm )
pillowcase 20" x 26" ( 50cm x 66cm )
FULL duvet cover 76" x 87" ( 193cm x 220cm )
flat sheet 81" x 96" ( 205cm x 243cm )
pillowcase 20" x 30" ( 50cm x 75cm )
QUEEN duvet cover 87" x 90" ( 220cm x 229cm )
flat sheet 91" x 102" ( 231cm x 260cm )
pillowcase 20" x 34" ( 50cm x 86cm )
KING duvet cover 104" x 92" ( 264cm x 234cm )
flat sheet 108" x 102" ( 275cm x 260cm )
pillowcase 20" x 40" ( 50cm x 102cm )
CAL KING duvet cover 110" x 96" ( 280cm x 244cm )
 flat sheet 102" x 110" ( 260 x 280 cm )
pillowcase 20" x 36" ( 50cm x 90cm )


  • 1. 100% Cocoon Silk 
  • 2. Seamless - Seamless construction for ultimate comfort, luxury and fit
  • 3. Face: 19 momme jacquard silk fabric
  • 4. Back: solid 19 momme 100% mulberry silk charmeuse;
  • 5. Clean natural silk that is made without the use of bleach
  • 6. We can make silk bedding as customers requirement.
  • 7. These items in general take 3 - 4  business days to be produced after the orders placed.


silk bedding set

silk bedding set

silk bedding set

silk bedding set

Bring your sleep to a new level with this 100% pure cocoon silk sheets, made from luxury 19 momme weight silk, with a Charmeuse weave for a subtle sheen. Silk is praised not only for its comfort - like adjusting to your body temperature - but also for its health benefits. Unlike cotton, silk doesn’t absorb moisture from your skin and hair, helping your skin stay soft with reduced wrinkles, and leaving your hair healthy and shiny.


Additionally, silk is naturally hypoallergenic. Lova Silk is produced without the use of bleach or other harmful chemicals, for a natural, comfortable and safe sleep experience.


About Seamless - Ususlly the width of silk fabric is 45"/ 114cm, most of silk beddings have a join across the sheet, the seamless silk beddings are made of extra wide silk fabric,rare and much expensive,and nobler. This Silk Product is not only beautiful – it is also healthy! Silk is a naturally hypoallergenic material that is inhospitable to dust mites and resists moisture, mildew and odors.Providing a very healthy sleep environment. We could do custom order for any dimensions as your request.


Amazing benefits of sleeping on 100% pure mulberry silk bedding:

Silk has become a very popular feature in many mattress and bedding products in recent years. Silk cocoons are designed by Mother Nature to protect the baby moth from heat and cold, mildew, mould and mites. These desirable traits make silk one of the healthiest materials to incorporate into your bedroom. High quality silk products are made without the use of chemicals making silk a great natural choice.

* Prevents facial creases, lines marks and indentations on the face that as we get older take longer to disappear throughout the day.
* Helps to keep your skin moisturized and silky soft, hydrated, smooth and diminish wrinkles.
* Silk will not absorb your moisture or nutrients from your skin care products.
* Silk has antibacterial properties, and the ability to breathe naturally.
* Anti-acarid (dust mites) allergy resistant - Dust mites hate silk so is an excellent hygienic choice for bedding.

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